Manhasset's Salamatina Gallery Kicks Off Its Grand Opening With 46, XX (AKA Genetic Notation For Women)

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · June 26, 2009

    [Oskana Salamatina and artist Carole Feuerman. All photos by BILLY FARRELL for PMc.] Another Thursday night, another gallery's exhibition opening. But the Salamatina Gallery's opening last night was quite special as it marked the grand opening of art advisor/former model Oskana Salamatina's Manhasset (Long Island, NY) based gallery as well as the American opening of the show 46, XX which was on exhibit through April at Art Gallery Na Solyanke in Moscow. The international exhibit features works by Carole Feuerman, India Evans, Christy Singleton and Lisa Wade. All of the pieces have"... a powerful message about how American women experience beauty, sexuality and symbolism"

    India Evans

    Carol Wolowitz, Oksana Salamatina

    Isabella Ahrens, Keming Riley, Lindsay Ahrens

    Kate Gibbons, Rebecca Hollander, Andrea Sanders

    Oksana Salamatina, Alexander Robins

    Chris Ahrens, Dr. Kathleen van Valkenburg

    Phyllis Borak, Robin Ahrens

    Carole Feuerman, Deirdre Costa Major

    Amanda Johansen, Sue Johansen, Kelly Johansen