Celebrities & Fashion Elite Celebrate Paris Fashion Week At "New York, New York" With The Misshapes

by CARSON GRIFFITH · October 5, 2009

    Steven RojasThe MisshapesLeigh Lezark, Steven RojasDerek Blasberg

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    For those of us who couldn't make it to Paris Fashion Week, those who could wanted to torture us a little more by throwing a lavish bash entitled "New York, New York" at the Le Regine, in honor of our great city, and made sure to party into the wee hours of the night. Hosted by Paul Sevigny, fashion's favorite Derek Blasberg, Archetype Showroom's Steven Rojas, the Misshapes, and Tommy Saleh, things got a little rowdy as you can see from the pictures. More photos and story below...

    And what would you expect with a crowd including Leigh Lezark, Kate Lanphear, Daniel Radcliffe, Lily Donaldson, Timo Weiland, Katy Perry, Henry Holland, Alexander Wang, James Murphy, Jeremy Kost, Jefferson Hack, Mike Nouveau, Margherita Missoni and Adriel Reboh. Lindsay Lohan even joined in on the fun, even though she didn't seem to be in quite the partying mood (shocker, we know!). Apparently she was seen crying after her show (bad reviews will do that), and even gave the finger to a poor photographer or two trying to take her picture - including dropping the F-bomb ("F*ck you!*, to be exact).

    Lindsay, let's play nice. After-all, it is Paris Fashion Week, and doesn't everyone else look like they're having fun?

    Sure seems like they did. Apparently you had Katy Perry dancing on tables (sans Russell Brand), Derek Blasberg flinging himself on couches, Alexander Wang locking lips with a mystery fellow, and people flinging around Leigh Lezark on the dance floor like it was going out of style like last season's collection. So maybe not everyone could make it to Paris this year. But at least take refuge in knowing that one of the best parties of the season was named after this city of ours. We know we do.

    Steven Rojas, Leigh Lezark

    Alexander Wang

    Leigh Lezark, Derek Blasberg

    Steven Rojas, Leigh Lezark, Derek Blasberg