Parlez Vous Francais? A Linguistic Guide To Getting Through Paris Fashion Week

by Samantha Hui · March 1, 2012

    Whilst packing for Paris this season we decided we'd wing it without one necessary but admittedly not-so-chic accessory- our trusty English-to-French dictionary.  A bold move? Agreed. So for all you bloggeurs et blogueses in Paris here's a quick breakdown of need-to-know designers, places, and catch phrases. Parlez vous francais indeed.

    Designers/Shows to Know

    Jean Paul Gaultier [john-paul goo-tee-eh]:

    Saturday, March 3rd. 7pm. Where: 325 Rue Saint Martin

    Givenchy [gee-von-she]:

    Sunday, March 4th. 8pm Where: Invitation Only

    Yves Saint Laurent [eve-sohn-lah-ron]:

    Monday, March 5th. 7:30pm. Where: Invitation Only

    Chanel [shanel]:

    Tuesday, March 6th. 10:30am. Where: Grand Palais, Avenue Winston Churchill

    Louis Vuitton [lou-ee v-wee-tohn]:

    Wednesday, March 7th. 10am. Where: Invitation Only

    Elie Saab [ell-ee-sob]

    Wednesday, March 7th. 4:30pm Where: Espace Ephémère Tuileries

    Places to Know

    Jardin des Tuileries [jar-don day tool-er-ee]Most of the shows will take place in the tents set up right near the entrance to the Jardin des Tuileries.

    31 Rue Cambon [roo cambon]: Site of the first Chanel flagship and Coco Chanel's apartment.

    Hotel de Crillon [cree-on] :Located at the foot of the Champs-Élysées, the luxury hotel doubled as the Vogue Paris team's second office last season.

    Le Meurice [maw-reese] : Just opposite the Jardin des Tuileries, the hotel is consistently the stay of choice for celebs and fashion royalty each season

    Le Silencio [suh-len-see-oh]: The club designed by David Lynch opened during last September's Paris shows and is sure to be a hot spot this season as well.

    La Fidelite [fee-del-ee-tay]: The brasserie near Montmartre may not be in the most convenient of arrondissements but the food is good and if you're lucky you'll sneak into one of the private parties in the basement

    Le Baron [beh-ron]: Fashion week or not, the original outpost of André Saraiva's string of clubs is always the place to be.

    Words/Phrases To Know

    Bloggeur/Bloggeuse [blog-gure/blog-oose]-male/female blogger

    Arrondissement [ah-rawn-deese-mon]- Paris is divided into 20 districts. Having your district number handy will save you from headache with your cabbie

    Café au lait [o-lay] - coffee with milk (for the early morning, after that really long night)

    Faux pas [foe pah]-a bad fashion choice

    Quelle horreur! [kell or-er]-the horror! (for that really bad fashion choice)

    Pret-a-porter [pret-ah-port-eh]- ready to wear clothing

    Cette robe est incroyable! [set robe ay in-croy-ob-leh]- that dress is incredible!

    Où est la soiree? [oo ay la swa-ray]- where is the party?

    Quelle heure est la présentation? [kell urr ay la prey-sen-ta-see-on]- what time is the show?

    Bonne Chance!

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