How The Ultra-Rich Are Prepping For The Apocalypse...In Luxury

by Stephanie Maida · January 25, 2017

    According to a recent report published by The New Yorker, some of Silicon Valley's brightest minds are really not much better than those religious nuts we see on the sidewalk, holding signs and shouting: "The end is nigh!"

    Indeed though, these tech billionaires aren't really going about it the same way.

    Rife with quotes from the likes of Reddit co-founder and CEO, Steve Huffman, Facebook execs, venture capitalists, and hedge funders, the piece reveals the very real way the mega-rich are preparing for the apocalypse. Let's just say, it's all pretty luxurious. 

    From private islands and "vacation homes" in New Zealand, to motorcycles and stores of guns and ammo, these guys seemingly can't wait for some Walking Dead-style disaster. One interview subject even boasts about his archery skills (OK, Daryl). And while (hopefully) chances are that this whole thing is just another classic example of rich people not having anything better to do with their loads and loads of money, a super chic underground condominium complex in Kansas has already completely sold out. Uh oh.

    The Survival Condo Complex, a 15-story underground shelter, is complete with a 75-foot-long pool, a rock climbing wall, a Mac-equipped classroom, a movie theater, and a library. Don't worry about windows, of course, there are HD TVs scattered throughout to simulate the "outside." For $3 million per residence, at least every view is guaranteed to be a good one.

    To the rest of us out here: good luck, guys! See you in hell. 

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