You Should Know: Anna Weinberg

by guestofaguest · October 21, 2015

Anna Weinberg

A fast talking Kiwi who will just about bulldoze you with charm, former TV presenter Anna Weinberg is San Francisco's resident restaurant mogul. With popular spots The Cavalier, Park Tavern and Marlowe all in her growing empire, she is someone you most definitely wish you knew.



Place of birth:

Auckland, New Zealand



Anna Weinberg

Anna Weinberg

What do you actually do all day?

Design restaurants, manage mangers, bus tables!

Favorite song growing up?

Flag Dancer (Elton John)

My biggest secret is…

I just about never have a plan

Why do you live in San Francisco?

Because my husband, son, and restaurants

Uber, Taxi, BART or Bike?


My motto is…

Underpromise/ overdeliever

My alter ego is…

a 22 year old gay man

The last drink I had was…


My secret crush is…

Ken Fulk

What was your first job?

U.J on New Zealand music show

If you had one day left to live in SF, what would you do?

Anything with my husband and son

Coming from? Going to?


What is your favorite work of art?

My original photograph of the Bessus Baquet in Maiame

Who should we know?

Danielle Madeir, Findsar Tush, Gveg Lopez