You Should Know: Brent Hoff

by guestofaguest · October 21, 2015

Brent Hoff

Back in 2005, Brent Hoff co-founded Wholphin, a quarterly DVD magazine. Bringing to light brilliant, under the radar films whose lack of budget have unfortunately meant lack of exposure, Hoff himself has a ridiculous knowledge of what it is that you should know, obviously solidifying his personal status as a you-should-know-er.


Writer / Artist

Place of birth:

Frankfurt, Germany


@BrentHoff, @BrentHoff

Brent Hoff

Brent Hoff

What do you actually do all day?

Think up fun ideas, do them!

Favorite song growing up?

Rock Wit U

My biggest secret is…

I live to reveal secrets

Where do you live in San Francisco?

Friends & family

Uber, Taxi, BART or Bike?

Lyft Line

My motto is…

We are all beautiful monkeys

My alter ego is…

Carl Sagan

The last drink I had was…


My secret crush is…

giant squid.

What was your first job?

Guitar player in an 80's hotel band!

If you had one day left to live in SF, what would you do?

Tamales Bay.

Coming from? Going to?

The heart land -> Mars (I hope)

What is your favorite work of art?

"The Treachery of Images," - Rene Margritte

Who should we know?

Issa the great Haiku poet