You Should Know: Ellie Cachette

by guestofaguest · October 21, 2015

Ellie Cachette

A competitive sailor at the St. Francis Yacht Club, Ellie Cachette is best known for her success as an angel investor and advisor and public speaker. She's the author of Software Agreements for Dummies (where was this when we needed it?!) and a regularly contributor to the likes of the Huffington Post, Forbes, and Inc.



Place of birth:

Lafayette, CA



Ellie Cachett

Ellie Cachette

What do you actually do all day?

Stare at a laptop or WhatsApp all day coordinating a million projects all over the world.

Favorite song growing up?

My biggest secret is…

Where do you live in San Francisco?

Uber, Taxi, BART or Bike?

Uber. Always

My motto is…

"Live your way into the answer."

My alter ego is…

Marie Curie, I dressed up as her growing up

The last drink I had was…

Sparkling water

My secret crush is…

If I like it, I chase it

What was your first job?

Been hustling my whole life

If you had one day left to live in SF, what would you do?

Have dinner at St. Francis Yacht Club and watch the sunset

Coming from? Going to?

Always on the go

What is your favorite work of art?

Poetry by Rainier Maria Rilke

Who should we know?

Thomas Gieselmann, he's the smartest VC in Silicon Valley.