You Should Know: Jeff Fiorito

by guestofaguest · October 21, 2015

Jeff Fiorito

Look at that face. If that's not the face of your dream best friend, all sweet and adorable, then clearly you must be a monster! Add in the fact that owner of said face, Jeff Fiorito, is an interior designer specializing in the chicest of chic, and yeah, we'd say more than worth an in-real-life friend request.


Interior Designer/actor/ communication coach

Place of birth:

Batavia, New York


Jeff Fiorito

Jeff Fiorito

What do you actually do all day?

Run from thing to thing: A job site in a hard hat going through an electrical plan; to a university to coach medical pros; to a rehearsal for a stage show

Favorite song growing up?

"Uncle Albert" by Paul McCartney

My biggest secret is…

I'm an open book

Where do you live in San Francisco?

I technically live below the Peninsula but I adore Northern California -we have everything!

Uber, Taxi, BART or Bike?

I need my car to run from aforementioned thing to thing!

My motto is…

design is a process!!!

My alter ego is…

a long-haired, tattooed bad dude! ha!

The last drink I had was…

A sweet vermouth on my birthday

My secret crush is…

Not a secret: I tell people when they're beautiful!

What was your first job?

I worked at a record store chain here in the Bay Area called Record Factory

If you had one day left to live in SF, what would you do?

Spend it with my husband

Coming from? Going to?

Flower Market to Granite slab show room

What is your favorite work of art?

Too many- I love art and can spend entire days in museums

Who should we know?

My friend Shawn Askinosie, Creator of Askinosie Chocolate-His company is doing incredible things to help sustainable cocoa harvesting and to help village and villagers in Africa where he sources