You Should Know: Sherry Page

by guestofaguest · October 21, 2015

Sherry PageInspired by her grandmother, amongst many other family members, Sherry Page has taken her love for food by studying all around the globe from London to Paris to learn from the best in the game.With buckets of experience in all things culinary, Sherry started Culinary Getaways to tap into her love for cooking and fine wine. Escape the mundanity of daily life to taste your way through a tour of Tuscany, Napa Valley, Paris, and Provence? Sure, twist our arm why don't you.


Owner, Culinary Getaways

Place of birth:

Swainsboro, GA


@culinarygetaways/ @SherryPage

Sherry Page

Sherry Page

What do you actually do all day?

Plan fun trips for amazing guests!

Favorite song growing up?

Build me up, Buttercup (so embarrassed!!)

My biggest secret is…

I secretly love hip hop music (okay, some, not all!)

Where do you live in San Francisco?

I love the diversity!

Uber, Taxi, BART or Bike?


My motto is…

live and let live

My alter ego is…

my husband

The last drink I had was…

a mojito made with home grown limes and mint

My secret crush is…

Bradley Cooper

What was your first job?

I made flies for men's pajamas as a summer job

If you had one day left to live in SF, what would you do?

spend it in my garden and at home with my husband and cat

Coming from? Going to?

coming from corporate world, going to lifestyle bliss

What is your favorite work of art?

Von Gogh's Starry Night

Who should we know?

Megan Papay, co-founder, Frida Salvador (shoes), Melina McArdle, photographer, yoga instructor, lifestyle blogger