Park City Fills With Celebs: Sundance 2011 In Photos

by Mara Siegler · January 24, 2011

    The stars have infiltrated Park City Utah for the annual Sundance Film Festival. Mayor Cory Booker and his pooch hung out at the "Brick City," premier,  Janelle Monae rocks out at Bing Bar, Penn Badgley hits the slopes, the other Olsen debuts, Lil John picks up the oddest swagg in the history of product shilling, and more. Take a look!

    Mayor Cory Booker brought his dog to celebrate "Brick City." Executive produced by Forest Whitaker and filmmakers Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin, the film focuses on the challenges facing Newark, New Jersey and the mayor himself.

    Janelle Monae performed at Bing Bar. So did Florence and the Machine.

    When six protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church picketed the premiere of Kevin Smith's anti-fundamentalist religion/horror movie Red State, local high school and college kids came out to counter protest holding up signs like, "We want tacos," "Hell Is Fabulous," and "I Am A Happy Jew."  Kevin Smith joined them with his own sign, saying "Dogma Is Dog Shit," as well as other various sayings.

    Lil John hit the gifting suite to pick up Dr. Nieca Goldberg's "Complete Guide to Women's Health." Something he truly needed, we're sure.

    Rashida Jones, Emily Mortimer and Paul Rudd spent some time together at the opening of "My Idiot Brother," which stars Jones and Rudd and has been picked up by the Weinstein Company.


    Penn Badgley hit the slopes. He looks so bad ass.

    Sundance's "It Girl"?  It's got to be formerly unknown Olsen sister, Elizabeth. She's gunning to overtake her twin sisters place in the celeb-u-sphere with major buzz. She has two films in the festivals that are getting major buzz: "Silent House," and "Martha Macy May Marlene."

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