"Best $2k I'll Probably Spend!" The Apple Tablet

by Chiara Atik · January 27, 2010

    We don't know exactly what it will do, what it will be called, or even how much it will cost, but given the success of Steve Jobs' previous ventures, we have a strong suspicion that the Apple Tablet will be among the Best $2k $500? we'll ever spend...-

    The GofG office is split on whether or not the tablet will actually revolutionize life as we know it or just be a fancy new toy, but the excitement over this afternoon's pending announcement is palpable. So what do the internet's resident tech experts predict? Here are 20 things we already know about the iTablet/iSlate. Let's take a look...

    What Will It Be Called?

    It's been called "The Tablet" since before we had concrete proof of its existence. Jobs will have definitely come up with a snappy name for it, but in the meantime, Mashable.com readers voted for "iSlate" (get it? cause it's like a slate?) as the best possible name, with the clever "iPad" (get it? cause it sounds like iPod?) in second place.

    What Will It Do?

    Oh, not much. Let you surf the internet. Make conference calls. Watch movies. Store photos, documents, etc on your "Mac Cloud". Allow you to see everyone in the building represented by a tiny dot. Turn you invisible. Supply water to Haiti. Cure Cancer.

    How Much Will It Cost?

    Well, it's Apple, so it will probably follow the usual pattern of costing an exorbitant amount and then dropping to a lower price once all the die-hard tech geeks have filed for a second mortgage. CNet is guessing that the price could be anywhere from $500-$2,000, though it might be something between the most expensive iPod ($399) to the cheapest computer ($999) might be expected.

    What Will It Look Like?

    Again, no one REALLY knows, but, here are some various possibilities: