Feel Your Way Through NYC

by MADDY MADISON · June 26, 2008

    I Feel NYC\'s Mood RingManhattan is now just a giant floating mood ring thanks to I Feel NYC. For those people who wish iPods were psychic radios that could provide the perfect soundtrack to your day, and who still hope that cute girl on the subway would just read your mind already and smile back, there's a new step towards city-wide clairvoyance.

    I Feel NYC lets you describe your mood (hungover, energetic, chilled, etc.) and spits out a Google Map complete with to-the-point reviews of the perfect spot to fit your ever-changing mood swings. Great for nights out with out-of-town guests with particularly, um, diverse tastes in entertainment or just on a Sunday afternoon when the Monday Blues keep edging out the weekend brunch euphoria. Feeling energetic and lethargic within the span of ten minutes? You're not bipolar, you're just a dynamic I Feel NYC addict!