Foursquare And Zagat Combine Forces, Ensure You Never Make Your Own Decisions Again

by BILLY GRAY · February 9, 2010

    If you can't decide on a drinking itinerary without consulting Foursquare for your friends' whereabouts and never eat a meal out before checking your burgundy Zagat bible, you're in luck.  The crowd-sourcing favorites are teaming up to eliminate independent thought altogether.

    To review, Foursquare (aka Box Ball) is the social media device that lets you check-in to whatever bar, restaurant or brothel you happen to land in and then alerts all your friends to your surroundings. (Because they are dying to know.) You can become a "mayor" of your most frequented venues and compete with friends to see who checks-in to the most places (like Betty Ford clinics!).

    And Zagat, we all know, is the democratic restaurant rating counterpart to the stuffy Michelin guide, allowing any bum off the street to  make an eatery a raging success or cause it to fail more spectacularly than Lindsay Lohan's career.

    What does the partnership mean? Well, it awards "foodie badges" (UGH) for serial visitors of a given restaurant. Also, once you check-in to a restaurant on the platform, you will be given a list of dishes, desserts and "activities" (an under-the-table handjob perhaps) recommended by your virtual friends.

    Sounds fun! And this is just the latest development in Foursquare's attempt to take over the world. They've even got a deal with Warner Brothers to promote its wretched, Taylor Swift-starring Valentine's Day.

    Let me save you the trouble of sifting through e-pinions on that chick-flick and just tell you to avoid it.