iPhone 2.0 In The Eyes Of Mikel

by MIKEL MCCOY · June 10, 2008

    IphoneSo by now I'm sure all of you techies know that the new iPhone's release date was announced yesterday (accompanied by a hefty rise in Apple stock). iPhone 2.0 is slimmer and consists of a phone, mp3 player, camera, and internet, with the cheapest ringing in at $199 (meaning iPhone-spotting will increase 10fold in the coming months). Given the economy's flaccid state, the unveiling of new (or slightly improved) luxury items seems sillier than usual, and I can't help but wonder how Apple has escaped the mass corporate taint of Walmart or Microsoft.

    Apple's PR, including Jobs' own casual, turtlenecked style, works very well. It's all non-traditional, all so very anti-authoritarian. But truth be told Apple is a profit making business just like most American corporations. Don't get me wrong, I think Apple computer are rad …love 'em, but how come Apple is the only computer company out there allowed to give its customers bad headphones and a totally expensive unit with no mouse pad sans flak? How about we make Apple step up and start selling its products with useable extras and a bit more of a price reduction? Or does sleekness beat all?