iPod Ruins Morning, Such Is Life...

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · February 15, 2008

    ipod.jpgIt’s already one of those off days. It began with the iPod. My first iPod lasted less than two years. Disillusioned, yet hopeful, I made the irrational decision to cough up another $300 for a new one. This time, I spent an additional $50 on a warranty, in some sense trying to rationalize the purchase. Did I have $350 just lying around? No. I cashed in all of my credit card points, accumulated over the last 10 years, for Best Buy gift cards. Like a crackhead searching beneath couch cushions for change, I found a way to get the ‘pod.


    It’s been about six months, and this morning I begin my walk to the subway only to find that it’s on the fritz. Fucking pisses me off. And you know what pisses me off even more? When I see people walking around with their first generation iPods. Presumably, the first generations still work, since I can’t see anyone carrying around one of those bricks as a fashion statement — they’re a bit shy of “retro.” But that’s the problem isn’t it? Apple KNOWS that the iPod is a fashion statement. So superficial people like myself will spend $300 for the same piece of shit over and over again, like birds flying into plate glass. But you know, it’s not just that. I have the Bose Soundock. The soundtrack of my life is in iTunes format. It’s a pain in the ass to learn new software. And I have a warranty.


    Then there were the usual subway woes … look like ass in subway glass reflection, crowds, annoying people, etc. At least there wasn’t a panhandler screaming about something, although you can be sure that one will find me at some point during the day, defenseless w/out my iPod, having to face up to the fact that I really just don’t care. Actually, I’ll probably just pretend to sleep thing. Always good in a pinch.


    I get to school and they’re out of mint tea. I substituted raspberry rose. Take note: avoid Pickwick raspberry rose. It’s like children’s cough syrup. Brings me back to dark, childhood places. And the wireless at BLS was down. I suppose that should be like water off a duck’s back by now. If only I were that adaptable.

    But the happy side of all of this is that it’s Friday. And the Wall Street Journal had some stories of interest today, which made the commute much nicer in the absence of my iPod. Later I will either go shopping or catch up on work, and get a much needed haircut. Tomorrow it’s girls night out w/ dinner at Dip (LOVE Dip, despite the fact that it’s in Murray Hill) and then out to the bars. All good things.

    Now I’m off to the Apple website for tech support. Hopefully they’ll have the FAQ, “Why is my iPod a piece of shit?” If they don’t, they should.