New York Cabs Are Getting A Make Over

by Anna Lombardi · May 4, 2011

    New York City has been over due for a cab re-vamping for quiet some time, and while the The Nissan NV200 may manage to look uglier than a minivan, the new fleet of cabs have New Yorkers a buzz.  We take a look at the new face of NYC transportation!

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    In 2007 New York announced the Taxi of Tomorrow competition. At stake was a 10 year contract worth an estimated $1 billion in sales. During a news conference reported by The New York TImes on Tuesday, Mayor Bloomberg announced Nissan's NV200 as the winning model.

    The Taxi van (that can start to be seen on the streets by the end of 2013) is fitted with power outlets, a transparent roof, airplane-style reading lights, passenger air bags, lights to warn pedestrians about door openings, climate controls for the seats; and (perhaps the coolest feature of all) to prevent those noisy honking fights the entire cab becomes illuminated (both inside and out) to help police recognize the disturbance perpetrator!


    All of the excitement does come with a bit of controversy. There has been a filed complaint to the Justice Department to see if the city's model decision is in violation of the American's With Disabilities Act, due to the lack of options for wheelchair users. And those who were in great support of the Karsan's model (that vowed to produce its cabs right here in Brooklyn) feel that overlooking their model was a missed opportunity to invest in the local economy. But, Mayor Bloomberg has great faith in the decision stating in Tuesdays news conference that Nissan's bid was,

    'far and away the best,' and said the city chose the manufacturer that could provide the most reliable vehicle 'that meets out city's very peculiar needs.'

    and as far as Karsan's Brooklyn produced model..

    'I dont think between now and two years from now we could site a new school, much less a new industrial plant.'[via]

    Only time will tell just how great these cabs really are, but one thing is for sure New Yorkers are ready for a change!