NY Auto Show Begins: Audis, Ferraris, Benz's & Bands, Oh My!

by Alyssa Rinaldi · April 19, 2011

    Whether you live for the rush you'd get from sitting behind the wheel of the newest A-Class concept from Mercedes, or if the thought of the newest Audi makes you drool...rev up your engines, 'cause it's that time of the season when the largest Autoshow in the World comes to town again, complete with celeb performances.

    The show will open to the public on the 22nd at the Jacob J. Javits Convention Center, and will show off loads of automobiles including 56 cars making their North American or World Debuts. The previews have already started.


    1. VolksWagen is advertising hard and snagged the Black Eyed Peas (Good for them? ) to perform last night for them at Terminal 5.  Whether or not the performance was better than the one that plagued the Superbowl Halftime Show in February probably heavily depended upon how much booze you had and your general sense of what good music is.  Though, you probably wouldn't have been there if you knew what that was:

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    2. Train will play the Ford party tonight!

    3. Rumor has it the Pete Yorn will be at Wednesday's Toyota Event.

    4. And KISS, at the hard-rockable hour of 10AM, is set to perform at the mini press event on Thursday.

    Celebs aside, this show, along with the current show in Shanghai, will be showing off a BUNCH of new cars...

    Like the 2012 new VW BEETLE:

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    or the Mercedes Concept A Class:

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    Also, Keep a lookout for the appearance of the new wave of Luxury Hybrids:

    Happy Automobile Ogling!

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