Photo Dating: A Guide To (Keeping The Upper Hand) When Photo Dating In a Digital World

by guestofaguest · November 28, 2011

    With the onset of ever-present social media, as well as the online dating trend, touching up photos has become a must these days. This is probably why lots of people choose to hide a majority of their tagged photos on social media sites. A profile picture can say a thousand words. That’s why we have laid out some guidelines as well as the technology to help you achieve successful photo dating in a digital world.


    Rule #1 Highlight your good side Needing some color in those pasty white legs? You now have the ability to whiten your teeth, remove blemishes, hide the bags under your eyes, and apply that summer tan that’s starting to fad away as we get closer to winter with just the click of a mouse on your home computer. A little editing can go a long way in projecting a good image of yourself. There is even an app you can get for your smartphone that simulates a whiter smile!

    Rule #2 Remove the unwanted It wouldn’t have been nearly as fun of a party without the drunk guy in the sombrero in the background of your picture. But that doesn’t mean you want your potential mate to know you were part of that debauchery just moments before the photo was snapped. Touch up your photos in no time on your laptop by removing the unwanted background distractions. And, in extreme situations, crop out the ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, there is no reason why they should ruin a great picture. Photoshop is a fairly popular program that can make editing a photo very simple, but can be pricey. Most PCs are equipped with some sort of built in photo-editing program, such as Microsoft Picture Manager or Paint, that all have cropping tools.

    Rule #3 Act as though your mother can see this We all know the feeling in the pit of your stomach on the day your mother discovered how to sign up for a facebook or other social media account. It was only a matter of time before she figured out how to add you as a friend, find you on twitter, etc. Hide that tattoo you have yet to tell her about and crop out those un-classy gestures. Remember, the day may come when your significant other’s mother may ‘friend’ you…you want to be prepared.

    Rule #4 A picture says a thousand words It’s always best to think about the message you’re sending when picking the pictures on your social media outlets and dating sites. Go simple when it comes to your headshot photo and pick a photo that highlights your best assets, but also provides a good representation of who you are. Don’t choose a photo that represents your alter-ego, as you will have a lot of explaining to do when you finally meet that online dating contact in person. Also, don’t send the wrong message by having no profile picture at all on your social media or dating site. You don’t want people thinking you’re not tech savvy or live in a cave!

    Rule #5 Improve the quality Adjust the lighting, boost the color, and sharpening the image are all key when it comes to touching up your photos from Last Night’s Parties. There is a plethora of good, reasonably priced photo-editing software for your home computer out there. OR, try a great photography app (like the Hipstamatic app for iPhone) that you can add to your Smartphone to help you create some optimal lighting and some very attractive snapshots.

    Rule #6 Don’t get carried away Remember, you still want to be recognizable when you are finished editing! For more tips, check out our guide to avoiding mistakes on facebook.


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