Photos: NYC Rallies Together To Protest Internet Censorship

by Ramya Velury · January 18, 2012

    Today, the NYC tech community rallied in front of the offices of Senators Charles Schumer and Kirstin Gillibrand to urge them to withdraw their support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). The protest went exceedingly well considering Senator Schumer had to take his phone off the hook...

    @advomatic tweeted:

    I hear @ChuckSchumer has taken his phone off the hook. But I hear the faxes are still working. Keep sending! #nytmSOS #SOPA

    The NYPD's reputation of insensitivity towards protests proceeded them as they failed to help people who were being crushed by the crowd. Remembering the events of Occupy Wall Street, the NYPD came prepared with canes and pepper spray too.

    @moneyries tweeted:

    Protesters in a tight ball center of Times Square. Told NYPD I'm press as they smushed. Him: "I don't care." No surprises there. #nytmSOS

    Oddly enough people in favor of SOPA and PIPA exist because they were present at the protest.

    @jennlevine tweeted

    I see a "Support Protect IP" sign. Props to our counter protestors. Without you, it is not democracy. #nytmsos

    Signs ranged from the generic "STOP PIPA" to more nerdy meme references like "Can i has freedoms?" were seen at the rally. Hundreds of protestors chanted ""hey hey, ho ho, SOPA and PIPA have got to go." The rally was eventually taken to Time Square, where chants continued.

    Even after the scheduled rally time, people continued protesting throughout the city.

    @davidrose tweeted:

    NY tech community rallies to stop the destruction of the Internet. I'm so proud of our geeks! #nytmSOS

    @cateowen tweeted:

    "Under #SOPA, you can get five years imprisonment for uploading a Michael Jackson song - one year more than the doctor who killed him. #nytmSOS"

    Check out more information about the protest and the bills HERE.

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    Check out photos from the rally:

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