Reward Of The Nerds

by CLAIRE WILLETT · February 25, 2008

    jessica albaPuzzled by the Academy's choice of Jessica Alba as the Sci/Tech award presenter? So were we, initially. Could it be for her convincing turn as a scuba diver in Into the Blue? Or perhaps her highly praised work as the genetically-enhanced Max Guevara, on Dark Angel? But no, a glance at the past decade's presenters dispelled that theory:


    2006 -Maggie Gyllenhaal 2005 -Rachel McAdams 2004- Scarlet Johansson 2003 -Jennifer Garner 2002 -Kate Hudson 2001 -Charlize Theron 2000 -Renee Zellweger 1999 -Salma Hayak 1998 -Anne Heche

    sci-tech crew

    --okay, maybe Alias had some techie cred, but Aeon Flux flitted across screens long after 2001, and while Anne Heche's mind may be fantastical, her acting has not been. After much pondering, we think we've got it. As reward for a year of unacknowledged (albeit high-paying) drudgery, the motion picture industry rewards their nerdlings with an in-the-flesh version of their screensaver sweetheart. Those who've been especially prodigious may even find themselves next to a terracotta-sprayed bosom for the group pic, before it's back to the lab again. Bring that complimentary photo boys; it's a wonder what one can do with a little photoshop...