Steve Jobs Is A God

by guestofaguest · January 15, 2008

    a very happy steve

    [Photo from Gizmodo]

    Our favorite Deity Steve Jobs just finished delivering his 2008 keynote speech, seconds ago, at MacWorld. Gizmodo is covering the entire event live since it started at 9:00 am Pacific Time (as is every other blogger out there it seems). A quick run down on what has happened so that you won't be the only odd man out at your dinner party tonight.

    1. Unleashed a newer version of the "Time Capsule" which will help you back up your Macs wirelessly.

    2. iPhone has been on the market for 200 days today. There have been roughly 4 million sold (averages out to 20,000 a day), and grabbed the second spot in the market (under RIM) in only one quarter's time. They have partnered with Google and Skyhook to make location tracking for their maps possible without using GPS, but instead using wi-fi locations and cell phone towers.

    3. iTunes Movie Rentals. They have signed on with every major film studio and will have 1,000 films available by February. (Old releases are $2.99, new ones are $3.99). You can purchase a movie and then watch on Macs, PCs, ipods, iphones, etc and transfer back and forth. You can also watch on the new:

    4. Apple TV. Price slashed today to $229, no computer is required to view anything from imovies, to flickr photos to youtubes, all transferable to your HD television sets.

    5. Finally he unveils the Macbook Air (shown above). The smallest, sleekest, most powerful notebook computer yet. At 3 pounds you can fit this sucker into a manilla folder (which Steve demonstrated). It is 56% less volume than the MacBook, goes for $1799 and will be available in 2 weeks. Steve Jobs should run for president.