The 2008 New York International Auto Show Doesn't Dissapoint

by Stanely Stuyvesant · March 24, 2008


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    The largest auto show in the world is being held right here in our very own New York City at the Javits Convention Center on the west side until the 30th of March. The biggest names in the industry all the way from Ford to Lamborghini are there to display their newest, coolest, fastest, and most eco-friendly models. There are also a couple of concept cars that are a bit out of this world so to speak. Pictures of the show can be found in our gallery.

    And of course no car show would be complete without show girls to show off the cars and give a Q and A to aficionados. In going through all the car displays it was interesting to observe who had gotten it right, and who clearly got it wrong:

    Hummers are bigger than ever. Why hasn't Detroit gotten the memo? Gas is going through the roof, and people are going green. The "safety" benefits of being encapsulated in a steel bulldozer no longer justify the fuel costs and the large carbon footprint.

    The Audi R8 is an interesting attempt by them to produce a super car, but alas it falls short. Its not that good, and at 120K+, people are simply going to go for something else more exotic that is in the same price range, like the Lamborghini Gallardo which has the same engine and is a lot cooler.

    Why does Ford insist on having a 3 tiers of sedans (Lincoln, Mercury, Ford)? Why not just eliminate the mid-level brand (Mercury), and settle with Lincoln and Ford?

    BMW has completely botched their new designs, except from the new M3 4 door, which looks reasonable.

    The Hyrbid Lexus LS is a complete waste of time. For all the eco-engineering they put into it, it still only gets 20mpg! And, moreover, no one buys a lexus because they want to be green, they buy it for comfort and don't want the hassle of a hybrid engine, period.

    Is Ferrari too cool for school? They didn't have a display this year, surely dissapointing many.