The New Facebook Is Here!

by Rachelle Hruska · August 1, 2008

    Old FacebookNew Facebook

    The New Facebook has officially launched!  What an exciting day this must be over in Palo Alto for Zuckerberg and his nerd herd.  SO? The verdict?  Well, I hate it obviously....I hate change, especially in computer programs (why do you think I've refused to switch to Mac?)  However, I remember hating the new facebook last summer when they started doing the whole Home page with updates, and now I've of course grow to be okay with it.

    So what did they change? Well, I haven't had that much time to play around on it yet, having been caught up in the Montauk Monster excitement well into the wee hours of the morning but here's what I can tell from first glance: Besides making the right column bigger than the left, they aggregated all of the action (wall posts, new friends, photos) into one big feed on same column.  Other than this and the minor changes in the home page, I don't see much of a difference.  Anyway, what do you think of the new Facebook?