The Tuesday Tech Round-Up!

by Christina Makoyawo · May 24, 2011

    Microsoft drops the "Mango" Windows Phone 7; Amazon used Born This Way to undercut iTunes; Foursquare and Groupon may become one; Facebook is laced with profanity; the Barnes & Noble Nook gets a new look and much more!

    1. Microsoft reveals "Mango"! With plans to improve communication, making it easier and more social, Microsoft's Windows 7 phone "Mango" will make it easy to stay in touch with your friends regardless of what platform or social service they use. The phone features its "threads" and "groups" functions. Threads enable switching between texting, Facebook chatting, and Windows Live Messenger all within the same message window. The groups function enables the user to place groups of their friends together into a "Live Tile", allowing them to be messaged at once. They may be on to something. [ComplexTech]

    2. Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album was used by Amazon to cut into iTunes sales. So Amazon's offering Gaga's spanking new album for only 99 cents. Along with the digital download of Lady G's album you are rewarded with 20 GB of cloud music storage. Awesome right? Yes and no. Yes for you and I but it's not good for iTunes, who has her album on sale for $11.99 & special edition for $15.99. [HuffPo]

    3. Plans of a distribution deal is buzzing around Foursquare & Groupon. Talk about 2 forces that probably should be connected. Groupon deals tied in to your Foursquare check-ins prime customers quick to share deals from visited venues. [AllThingsD]

    According to Liz Gannes, "Foursquare has innovated around GPS and the mobile application experience, which is obviously where local is headed. Foursquare also has insight into incentivizing users to connect to merchants and each other on a daily basis rather than for a one-time deal."

    4. Say hi to Barnes & Noble's slimmer and cheaper nook. Available for pre-order at $139, the revamped device is 35% lighter than its original version. It not only dropped some of its weight, it swapped out its buttons for a 6-inch touchscreen. [CNNMoney]

    5. Leaders of the G-8 Summit are demanding stronger hold over Internet regulation, spear-headed by French president Nicolas Sarkozy. They are facing opposition by some Internet companies and free-speech groups. Of course! [NYTimes]

    6. Who knew error messages could look so cool! The good folks over at the Wall Street journal put together a collection of the web's best 404 pages. Blue Fountain Media's 404 page offers up Pacman. At least you can relieve some stress while stuck in a search conundrum on their site. [WSJ]

    7. 4 million Instagram users are posting 10 photos/second. The very addicting photo-sharing iPhone app has grown drastically in the past seven months since the app's creation. There's about 1 million users per Instagram employee.  [TechCrunch]

    8. Ever wondered what your eyes were missing every time you blinked? Gizmodo announced their latest photography challenge. Contestants had to freeze motion with a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second, which is 300x faster than a human blink! Their contest page contains over 100 entries. [Gizmodo]

    9. What the @#$#$%$ is up with everyone's Facebook walls? A recent profanity study regarding Facebook, revealed that 47% of Facebook walls contain some form of profanity. The crowd's favorite curse word you ask? Derivations of the fabulous f-word, with derivations of the s-word coming in close. [HuffPo]

    10. As if having Jackass on DVD couldn't get better, there's Jackass: Ten Years of Stupid for iPad. The new iPad app is like an encyclopedia of all things Johnny Knoxville, WeeMan, Chris Pontius etc., along with video clips, cringe-worthy photos, and essays on the entire history of Jackass. The app takes on an interactive approach, allowing users to fling Knoxville around in its game "Bull's Revenge". [Gizmodo]