The Tuesday Tech Roundup!

by Maggie McGlinchy · May 17, 2011

    Solar Impulse made its first international flight, WhereBerry has given us another opportunity to publish more personal information on the Internet, Americans think Facebook and Google are evil, power fiends, (including influencing a baby name) and much more!

    1. Solar planes have officially gone international. Last Friday, the Solar Impulse flew from Payerne, Switzerland to Brussels, and Belgium. This is the Solar Impulse's second flight, covering about 300 miles. Eventually the Solar Impulse hopes to be the first solar plane to fly around the globe. [Mashable]

    2. In case you felt like you weren't already sharing enough via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, etc, WhereBerry  has now created a social networking service that allows you to share what you want to do in the future. (Events you want to attend, restaurants you want to try, movies you want to see) Friends can then comment and make plans. [NYTimes]

    3. According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, most American adults think that online companies like Facebook and Google are too powerful because they control so much of our personal information. Whatever, we all know you're not deleting your Facebook anytime soon, so keep on keepin' on social media users! [TechCrunch]


    4. The Big Apple wants to be America's next top digital city and why not? We are the center of the universe after all. [TechCrunch]

    5. Forget being an individual, according to Bing most people need their friend's approval on what they should buy. They now have a new feature allowing you to search Bing and receive search results that match the interests of you and your social circle. [Yahoo]

    6. We can't help but roll our eyes at this one. A couple in Israel have named their daughter "Like". As in the Facebook button "Like". Her two older siblings names are "Pie" as in apple pie and "Dvash" which is Hebrew for honey. Riiiight. [Yahoo]


    7. Hoarding old flip phones just in case you break your smartphone? We've all been there but chances are even if you do crack your screen or drop it in water, you'd turn your nose up to an old flip phone anyway (let's not kid ourselves here). But don't fret, T-Mobile will take care of that for ya! And it is open to the artifact in at a T-Mobile store and help cut the cost of your new lifeline. [Gizmodo]

    [via] Zack Morris totally needs an upgrade.