Thursday Tech Round-Up!

by guestofaguest · March 3, 2011

    Jack Dorsey feels like he's been punched in the stomach, BBC's iPlayer coming in a year, the iPad 2 is almost here and Xoom is closer than them all. Fortune hearts Apple, TED gets artistic, Charlie Sheen winning on Twitter and wordpress under attack! Find out what's happening in tech today!

    1. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was booted from his own company, and Vanity Fair's David Kirkpatrick covers the story.

    'It was like being punched in the stomach.'” [VanityFair]

    2. IPAD 2 now here! On March 11 the iPad hits shelves and has a faster dual-core processor as well as a thinner and lighter design. Plus get this..... FRONT and REAR cameras. Prices are like the original IPAD... $499 to $830, depending on memory and wireless capabilities. [Technewsworld]

    3. Similarly, Apple is once again first in Fortune Magazine's "Most Admired Companies" list, flanked by Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. [TechCrunch]

    4. BBC's iPlayer online video catchup portal is about to strap its boots on and compete with the iPad some time this year, a subscription service which has now been priced at "fewer than $10" per month. That's the word direct from Mark Thompson, director general of the grand old corporation, who also assures us that the global launch is definitely coming in 2011. [Engadget]

    5. Three dozen Chinese Environmentalist groups ranked companies from Apple to Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) on how they dealt with pollution concerns and occupational health hazards at factories. Apple ranked at the bottom of the barrel. Steve Dowling Company, Apple spokesperson, denies claims. [Technewsworld]

    6. AT&T is introducing new post paid plans for tablets. No more contracts for those not using tablets all the time. They can be added to an existing wireless plan (single billing FTW) and will see you billed automatically every month, but now you can cancel whenever your heart desires! [Engadget]

    7. Charlie Sheen joined Twitter two days ago, but he has just set the New Guinness World Record for “Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers." "Guinness community manager Dan Barrett says the agency 'just researched and approved' the record this morning. According to Barrett, Sheen reached that milestone in 25 hours and 17 minutes. As of this writing, Sheen’s Twitter account, @CharlieSheen, has close to 1.2 million followers." [Mashable]

    8. TED prize winner JR launches a global participatory art project, encouraging people to submit black and white photographs, extending his project further across the world. TED audiences were also encouraged to donate wall space and other possible resources.

    "In one of the more memorable moments of the conference thus far, at the end of JR’s talk, nearly a dozen attendees immediately got up to make pledges, including a Googler who indicated an interest in making sure art from the project is integrated in Google Street View and Google Earth." [Mashable]

    9. Google pulls 21 free apps from the Android Market, fearing a malware attack. [Mashable]

    10. Preluding the iPad2 is the first Motorola tablet powered by Android, the Xoom. [Gizmodo]

    11., the blog host for us and most others, just suffered the largest Denial of Service attack in its history. "WordPress did not mention the origin of the attack (DDoS =! Anonymous) and...this is the largest attack has ever seen, and is likely to be politically motivated" [TechCrunch]