What Do Jessica Alba, Lena Dunham & 'Game of Thrones' Have In Common?

by Stephanie Maida · April 26, 2016

    Sure Jessica Alba and Lena Dunham are A-list actresses, and sure Game of Thrones is a television show which means it features A-list actresses, but that's not the connection here. Today the winners of the 20th Annual Webby Awards have been announced and the above three are just a few of the big names taking home the prize. We know you have questions, like: has the internet really been around for 20 years already? And why would Jessica Alba possibly warrant a Webby? Well, we can answer at least one of them.

    Jessica Alba has been named Webby Entrepreneur of the Year for her success with The Honest Company. Hashtag-all-eco-friendly-everything. Lena Dunham, along with Girls writer Jenni Konner, is being honored with a Webby Special Achievement Award for her work not on the show, but on the fresh and feminist Lenny Letter. And for GoT? Best Overall Social Presence! Nice job, Jon Snow. Go HERE for the full list of winners.

    You can watch the Webby Awards HERE on May 17th! 

    [Photo: Macall B. Polay/HBO]