Eavesdropping In: Donald Trump Hangs Out With Sarah Palin In NYC, Endeavour Returns To Earth

by Mara Siegler · June 1, 2011

    The US last year consumed more wine than France. [LAT]

    Rep. Anthony Weiner sort of responds to the number of young hotties he follows on Twitter. [NYP]

    Florence is trying to figure out how to keep the Jersey Shore stars quiet and hidden while the town continues to nurture its rep as an elegant, artistic destination. [WSJ]

    Sarah Palin and Donald Trump gorged on pepperoni pizza and mutual admiration last evening in a Manhattan stop on a Palin bus tour. [NYDN]

    After 25 missions, 299 days in space, 4,671 orbits around the Earth, and more than 122 million miles, the space shuttle Endeavour has landed for good. [Slate]