Eavesdropping In: Jersey Shore Spin-Off, Santa Clause Has A Blog

by Mara Siegler · December 23, 2010

    Pauly D is the first Jersey Shore cast member to get his own spin-off. "Pauly's World" will focus on his "his life as a DJ on the road with his buddies." Was Snooki too expensive? Will you watch?  [Radar]

    This is so sad. Iraq has canceled Christmas after leaders received fresh threats from al-Qaeda. Someone alert Santa. [AP]

    Speaking of St. Nick, he has a blog. Of course. Requests range from adorable to heartbreaking.  "Can you make me magic?" "Can you let dad spend time with us? I need your help." [Santa Says]

     Wikileaks has leaked. Aftenposten has snagged unauthorized access to Julian Assange's entire stash of government records. [ABC]

    NY Times released its year in pictures. Stunning. [NY Times]