Eavesdropping In: Lady Gaga Makes Broadway Safe For Hermaphrodites, No One Can Cop To Living In Jersey, Gambling And Drinking Vices Might Team Up In NYC

by BILLY GRAY · March 31, 2010

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch set for Broadway revival. Thank you, Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors? [Vulture]

    The only thing better than an egg cream is an alcoholic egg cream. [Jeremiah's]

    Judge exposes NYC porn shop loophole. [NYP]

    New Jersey residents ashamed to admit they live there lead to low census turnout. [1010]

    Degenerate gamblers might get gambling terminals in their degenerate bars. [NYDN]

    Did Hooters open a Hamptons branch or did April Fool's come early? [Gawker]