Suit Up!

by GofG Public · August 13, 2009

    Did you know GofG Hamptons very own Kristin Luciano will be pulling an Elle Woods on us? Ok, not literally, but she will be leaving us for law school tomorrow. We know, we're devastated too. But in the name of justice, we have to give her up apparently. And while our style may differ about... always, if I was to offer her a parting gift, it may have to this Tara Matthews peace sign bikini. It sums up Kristin and her fashion faves in a nutshell. It's sporty with the halter neck and banded bottom, has peace signs all over it (girl loves her some peace signs), and the thing is neon and covered in sequins. I have never met a girl who loves neon and sequins more. And somehow designer Tara Matthews has made that more than okay by me. They even put a cute little peace sign on the tie on the bottoms. I'm not quite sure how often you wear a bikini when you're in a library studying environmental law, but I'm sure Kristin (or yourself) could find a use for it somehow.

    [Suit Up!]