Artini 2012

by Sophie Pyle · April 2, 2012

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    Craft cocktails were the centerpiece of the Corcoran Gallery of Art's Artini. Inspired by works in the Corcoran collection, 11 of the city’s best mixologists competed to create the most artistic martini--and this year's winners were Ronald Flores from Art & Soul (fan favorite) and Joe Ambrose from the W Hotel (critic's choice).

    Proceeds from the event support ArtReach, the Corcoran’s award-winning arts education program, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

    Guests included: Shauna Alexander,  Alex Auman, Lee Brenner, Pascaline Clerc, Rachel Cothran, Taryn Fielder, Kristin GuiterSery KimMelanie Kimmelman, Svetlana Legetic, Carissa Maguire, Jeff and Amanda McClements Martin,  Sondra Ortagus, Hollis PicaRory Pillsbury, Lauren PomponioDaniel Swartz, Aureta Thomollari, Lindley Thornburg, Sarah Valerio and Adrienne Watson.

    All 11 Artinis were available for guests to sip and sample, but many ran out by 10:30--a symptom of the donation-driven event being sold out. No problem; guests retreated to a wine-and-beer bar for the rest of the evening, and danced to music by Chris Nitti and Matthew Hemerlein until piling into Ubers at the stroke of midnight.

    One thing that did not disappoint were the "creative cocktail" attire choices of the guests. Check back tomorrow for Becca's Picks for the ten best dressed!

    [Kristin Guiter, Lindley Thornburg]

    [Adrienne Watson]

    [L: Lee Brenner, Pascaline Clerc] [R: Aureta Thomollari]

    [Hot Hundreds: Hollis Pica, Sondra Ortagus and Becca Thorsen]

    [Melanie Kimmelman, Rachel Cothran]