"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" DC's College Kids Run The 'Welcome Back' Party Circuit

by Alex Max · January 22, 2012

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School is officially back in session. And when some of DC's finest clubs kickoff Welcome Week with nights catering solely to the college crowd, you can count on generally high levels of intoxication, debauchery, and downright craziness. Here's what you missed:

Welcome Back Tuesday at Josephine's

Tuesday kicked off the week at Josephine's. Swarms of under-21'ers flocked to one of DC's most exclusive (and this reporter's favorite) clubs, one that rarely does 18+ nights.

With Red Carpet Events keeping the tables stacked with fratters wanting bottles and a line out the door and DJ David Berrie slaying it with some FIERY tech-house beats, it's safe to say that nights like this don't come around all that often in DC, and certainly rarely on Tuesdays.

Red Carpet Events again coming in big for a surprisingly crazy Thursday night at the Rosebar at Current Sushi. To the uninitiated, having a banging party on a semi-outdoor patio at a sushi bar may sound more than a bit bizarre. But to those in-the-know, the Rosebar at Current is a nightlife spot with some serious potential for craziness.

With DJ David Dann bringing in some grind-inducing house jams, and all manner of Belvie bottles sparkling through the crowd, its safe to say that few nights at Current have been this wild. And to be honest, you really can't put a price on being able to smoke "inside" a DC club.

Every city has that club that you don't plan on going to, you just end up there at 2 am, feeling drunk, wild, and dangerous. In DC, Opera undisputedly wears that crown. Those Thursday clubbers who just couldn't get enough nightlife shipped off from Current to Opera for some serious afterhours action. Always 21+, the crowd at Opera was undeniably comprised of only the most serious party people in the District.

Although George Washington kids are generally known for clubbing harder than Georgetown, this final party might have changed that stereotype. Brought to you by GLOW and the DC Clubbing crew, undisputed kings of the DC nightlife scene, Friday's "Georgetown Does ULTRABAR" party practically brought down the roof at Ultrabar.

With a laid-back Georgetown crowd, there was significantly less emphasis on the bottle service, "Money is King" attitude than any other Welcome Week party and this made for what was likely the most fun party of the entire week. With multiple DJ's playing in different parts of the venue, spearheaded by DJ Geometrix on the main floor, the fun was infectious and the only way to finish off a week as crazy as this one.

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