"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Michael Saylor's Birthday Party

by Sophie Pyle · February 6, 2012

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Few people can pull out all the stops the way Microstrategy billionaire Michael Saylor does whenever he throws his parties....which happen several times a year, not just on his birthday. Oh, and this one definitely cost way more than 2k.

On Friday night, after a private dinner in the Long Room of the City Tavern Club with about twenty of his closest friends (including Senator Mark Warner), Saylor descended on the party that was brewing in the Great Hall where Burnt Sienna was playing covers of pretty much any song to which you would ever want to dance, and DJ Esso filling the space with equally energetic beats.




How to get in? Guests were checked in at the door by his buddy Ray Regan, who was demonstrating the Usher iPhone app. Usher basically takes what Facebook has set up for events, then goes one step further by integrating a printable guest list, QR scanner, ticketing, etc. This is just one of the many projects Saylor/Microstrategy is growing this year; he recently launched a legit, free online university, Saylor.org. So. Cool.

Back to the party: this one didn't run out of food, booze or champagne (which was flowing), nor was there a scarcity of scantily-clad young girls trying to catch the eye of Saylor or one of his friends.

One very young blonde girl even danced--almost on stage--giggling at the back of her totally unzipped dress, until a gal pal took several pictures and then helped her zip it back up. Georgetown socials sprinkled in and out of the party, some taking the cool neon light up Usher tubes with them to other nearby bars (we spotted a few at Smith Point).

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Saylor took the party to NYC the next night, where Courtney Love sang a few songs on stage for the guests. Now THAT is how you celebrate a birthday.

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