"Best $2k I Ever Spent" Nightmare on M Street Halloween Bar Crawl

by Annie Rooney · October 31, 2011

Despite the freak snowstorm DC endured Saturday, the night was setup for success with a 17-bar lineup and $5 Red Bull & Barcardi Torched Cherry Bombs. With girls freezing in their teeny costumes while waiting on hour long lines (ie. Sign of the Whale), everyone was excited to warm up on the dance floors next to plenty of funky, fuzzy and downright scary identities. Although McFadden's had their own costume contest, we compiled our collection of favorite costumes from the crawl. And while the bar crawl claimed to be a "nightmare" of a night, all the attendees would agree with me in saying the hangover was a way worse nightmare, unless you took advantage of bottomless mimosas at Sunday morning brunch.