Styleliner At The W

by Sophie Pyle · May 11, 2012

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    The W celebrated the DC arrival of Joey Wolffer and her magic Styleliner bus with a party last night in their Living Room Jewel Box bar. Guests enjoyed $10 Saint Germain cocktails, a live DJ, massages by the W's Bliss salon, and previewed the accessories on models styled by John Paul Hamilton while waiting for the line to the Styleliner to break. Once inside, ladies were treated to Joey's one-of-a-kind fashion accessories from all over the world.

    The Styleliner, a potato chip truck that has been converted into a luxury shop on wheels, will be in DC until June 17 to unload gobs and gobs of unique and extraordinary accessories from all over the world. The pieces have been hand picked by Joey, who started off her career designing jewelry for Meems LTD--many of which ended up in stores on London's High Street.

    Her great great grandfather founded Marks & Spencer (or M&S) which is one of the top retailers in the UK.

    When the "luxury treasure chest" isn't making road trips to cities like DC, it makes the rounds in NYC and Hamptons in the summer, and Palm Beach in the winter.

    You'll find the Styleliner parked in Georgetown on Wisconsin and M Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am-7pm. On Wednesdays, you will find it parked on Dupont Circle, where sales will benefit Women Thrive.

    The Styleliner will parked at the W Hotel tonight from 6-9pm, and tomorrow from 8pm-midnight.

    Guests last night includedDanielle Bolger, Kimberly CaineLaura CarlsonConcetta CarmosinoMichelle CaronTai Conley, Rachel CunicoJoyce Donkor, Elizabeth FassbenderKaitlyn FerraraFlaminia GarioniSavaria Harris, Keri HendersonEmily JoyKara ManosAshley Mason-Greene, Asia OdumCheryl RomeroTace Joelle Samet, Jennifer StreaksNicoline von FinckDominique Vu, Nicole Weaver, Anchyi Wei, and Cody Whitaker.

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