20th Annual Santa Soirée At The City Tavern Club

by Alex Max · December 12, 2011

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    From the second I stepped into the 18th century foyer of Georgetown’s City Tavern Club for the Capital Club’s annual Santa Soiree, I could tell I was in for a treat. The cheery laughter and infectious fun I was greeted with at the door pervaded the entire evening, making for a truly spectacular holiday party.

    With the Winn Brothers Band keeping the dance-floor hoppin’, and three well-stocked bars to keep the partygoers imbibing, it was impossible to find anyone not grinning gleefully.

    DC’s Capital Club’s 100 male members may not outwardly look homogenous with a diverse group of both young and old members, but they certainly all have an undeniable degree of swagger in common.

    Strolling through historic Georgetown following the conclusion of the Santa Soiree, I was left with two distinct impressions of the fine gentlemen who comprise this club. First, these guys know how to get saucy. Second, they definitely know how to throw a great party. And there might be a correlation.

    [Guest of a Guest's Alex Max; Miss Maryland USA Allyn Rose, Tyler Boyd]

    [Luke Russert, far right]

    [Britt McHenry, Alyssa Farah; Cara Brown, Justin Goodman]

    [Will DeWaltoff, Chris Coleman, Justin Lange, Ashok Subramanian]