Ali In Wonderland Book Party With Elle Magazine

by Sophie Pyle · March 6, 2012

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    Last night, the Four Seasons and Elle Magazine hosted a party for Ali Wentworth's new book, Ali in Wonderland. Elle Magazine's Editor in Chief, Robbie Myers, touted the book as a Reader's Prize Pick for her magazine in February, but that's just one of the reasons why you should pick this book up.

    Five quick facts about Ali Wentworth:

    She was Jerry Seinfeld's girlfriend Sheila "shmoopie" on the famous Soup Nazi episode

    She is married to George Stephanopoulos

    Her mom was the social secretary to Nancy Reagan

    She is a DC native

    She is a wickedly hilarious comedienne

    Ali did a few minutes of stand up comedy at the party, poking fun at DC soccer moms that were late to games because their husbands had to help out with treaties, the time their phones got tapped and she retaliated by saying "balls" over and over, and gently plugging her sister Sissy Yates' jewelry line, which was already worn by a majority of the ladies in the room. Ali did a great job of balancing her hellos between old friends and new fans, and the occasional in-betweener that thought she was at "a playdate with Ali back in the day, but I am not sure."

    [Pamela Brown, Quinn Bradlee, Pary Williamson] [Julia Farr, Janie Haynes]

    Many of last night's guests read the excerpt that was printed exclusively in Town and Country. The clip mentioned Ali and her mother's love for the Four Seasons, and that time they threw a gift over Donald Rumsfeld's fence as a thank you for attending his Christmas party, which ended in disaster--the gift, a book, had to be analyzed by officials before Rumsfeld could open it.

    Guests included: Quinn Bradlee, Pamela Brown, Sarah Cannova, Peter Cherukuri, Christian Clerc, Lindsay Drewel, Julia Farr, Janie Haynes, Sassy Jacobs, Kara Manos, Barbara Martin, Jayne Sandman, Pary Williamson, and Sissy Yates.

    Want to read it? [Amazon]

    [Barbara Martin, Jayne Sandman] [Peter Cherukuri]