American Heart Association Pulse Society's "Paint The Town Red" At Meridian House

by Sophie Pyle · November 4, 2011

    [Cherie Short, Andrea Szempruch, Leslie Berry, Brendan Kownacki]

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    Pulse, the young professional society of the American Heart Association, hosted hundreds of young Washington socials decked in their best reds for a cocktail party at Meridian House last night.

    Guests sipped on strong drinks and nibbled on heavy hors d\'oeuvres.

    Hosts of the event were: Chair Stephanie Baucus*, Jena Belinkie*, Mariko Bennett, Tammy Boyd, Kelly Broder*, Megan Christensen*, Jennifer Czekaj*, Natallie Douglas*, Denise Dunckel, Xavier Equihua, Taryn Fielder, Jennifer Fisher, John Gifft*, Lauren Grunley, Nicole Johnson, Danielle Karst, Shelley Levi, Jonathan Lozier, Paris Magaziner, Chitta Mallik*, Lindsey Mask, Kate Michael, David Ochsman, Charlie Paret, Jake Perry, Lauren Pomponio, Wesley Adams Preuss, Karen Reiner, Andrea Rodgers, Kimberly Sackin*, Cherie Short, Quin Woodward Pu, and Daniel Zeltser

    * Also a member of the PULSE Committee