Andrea Rodgers Brings Christmas In July To L2

by MADELEINE STARKEY · August 2, 2010

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    For their birthdays, most people have big, blow out parties.  Or they say they "hate birthdays" and refuse to acknowledge they're one year older.  Andrea Rodgers did neither.  While she acknowledged and celebrated her birthday at a party on Friday night, the celebration was all about helping others.

    Ever a consummate philanthropist, Andrea Rodgers of AskMissA chose to celebrate her birthday (it was yesterday, happy birthday!) by hosting a benefit at L2 Lounge.

    So she put together Christmas in July, an evening that benefited the Courage for Kids GIVE BACK-pack Initiative for Bright Beginnings Child Development Center.  Lizzy Conroy of the Huckaby Briscoe Group hosted the event.

    Raffles, silent auctions, and a cash bar all went toward the cause.  And the kids weren't the only people getting something out of the night: swag for guests came from Neiman Marcus, SimplySoles, Ted Gibson Salon, Hela Spa, LivingSocial, Amor Mona and others.

    Don't ask us how old Miss A turned--we'd never reveal a lady's age.  And, we can't even guess because she's so diligent about her cutaneous upkeep.