Art After Dark At The Art Museum Of The Americas

by MADELEINE STARKEY · September 3, 2010

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    Last night, despite unreasonably muggy conditions, hipsters, fancy pants and Super Heroes (well, just one that we saw) alike headed to the Art Museum of the Americas for Art After Dark.  Video projections throughout the museum, a live performance by D.C. band Eaxactly on the top floor, and DJ Lucas Smudge spinning on the ground level ensured where ever you turned, your senses were pleased.

    Exactly put on a riveting, blood covered set for anyone willing to climb to the third floor and brave the heat of an enclosed room full of grooving, head banging Exactly enthusiasts.

    Also noteworthy was a curious super hero, Super Tina, who seemed to have something to say about immigration.  However, we were unable to determine what her stance on the issue was because we were blinded by the sheen of her cape.

    The Art Museum of the Americas features and focuses on art from the Caribbean and Latin America.  While we cannot speak to the heritage of Exactly's Adrian Parsons, Jesse Bishop or Cole Sharp, Super Tina, or Lucas Smudge, the man percussing outside in the stunning courtyard seemed to have some kind of Caribbean or Latin American flair.  Or maybe we just say that because he's dark and handsome.