ArtJamz Paints The Town Red

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · June 24, 2010

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    We're tired of the same ol' bars, bored with having dinner reservations as the night's only activity, and we are definitely done with the same bottle-poppin tables. It was time for something new, something exciting. Thankfully we came across ArtJamz to change things up a bit in the D.C. scene.Brainchild of Michael M. Clements, Executive Editor of Washington Life Magazine as well as founder of Genki Media LLC, ArtJamz debuted last night at Corcoran Gallery of Art's Gallery 31. With 25 blank canvases, the gallery welcomed 25 ArtJammers to 'unleash their inner artists.'

    “I love the growing social scene in Washington, but it’s become routine,” says ArtJamz founder Michael M. Clements.

    The creative concept will be hosted in Corcoran's Gallery 31 until this Saturday evening, with ArtJamz gallery time from 7pm-11pm for those who register. Along with the canvas, paint, and paintbrushes, ArtJamz provides drinks, hors d'oeurves, and D.J.s to further inspire the inner artist in you.

    Don't be intimidated by the other artists in the room, last night's crowd was a mix of novices and pros and according to Clements,

    "The first stroke of the paintbrush is always the hardest."