Becky's Fund Tent At The Virginia Gold Cup

by Sophie Pyle · May 7, 2012

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    Saturday marked the 87th running of the Virginia Gold Cup, a staple of the spring Washington social calendar. Picking out the group one will spend the day with in The Plains is an important decision every social has to make, and one of the better choices for the day was the tent with Becky's Fund. Becky's Fund was founded by Becky Lee, and raises money to combat domestic/dating violence, and aims to educate and assist victims. She was inspired after working for a few years as an advocate and lawyer for survivors.

    Guests were picked up in the morning from Irish Whiskey Public House, Whitlow's and Mighty Pint for a fun bus ride to The Plains, followed by generous open bars, food, snacks, and prime views of the races right along the rail. Other media and companies that contributed to the success and fundraising efforts of the event included PR at Partners, Deep Eddy Vodka, Yelp, DC Kickball, Glittarazzi, Uber, Hot 99.5 FM, Art Soiree, United Social Sports and Boomerang Tours.

    Guests included: Redskins' Josh Morgan, Naoum Anagnos, Zora Costich, Kathleen Galvan, Reese Gardner, John Paul Hamilton, Erik Hicks, Alexa Holcombe, Joel Holland, Lydia Hu, Sandro Keresa, Alla Klein, Kristin Knihnicki, Lori Lazzarini, Jeanie Lee, Vivian Leslie, Sherry Martellaro, Liz Owens, Kristopher Perkins, Carlos Saenz, Ken Suarez, Jessica Tavares, Mekonnen Tekle, Becca Thorsen, Leia Warren, Melissa Anne Wilson, and Karen Young.

    [R: Josh Morgan]

    [Reese Gardner]

    [Melissa Anne Wilson, Kathleen Galvan, Vivian Leslie, Alexa Holcombe, Sherry Martellaro]

    [John Paul Hamilton, Lydia Hu] [Leia Warren, Becky Lee]

    [Joel Holland; Lisa G.; Liz Owens; John Paul Hamilton; GofG's Sophie Pyle, Lucien Zeiger and Becca Thorsen]