Book Party For Tinsley Mortimer's Southern Charm At Nectar Skin Bar

by Sophie Pyle · May 3, 2012

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    Washington's most invited socials Krista Johnson, Ashley Taylor, and Josie Taylor (no relation) welcomed their NYC counterpart Tinsley Mortimer for a party to celebrate Tinsley's first book, Southern Charm, at the posh Nectar Skin Bar in Georgetown. Hpnotiq Harmonie liqueur, which is a blend of exotic fruits, vodka and cognac, added a refreshing boost of flavor to the passed champagne and Saint Germain cocktails. At times, guests moseyed out of the space--which was spruced up with flowers from H.Bloom--to enjoy the perfect evening weather on Nectar's back patio.

    Tinsley looked flawless in a tight 'Hpnotiq Harmonie purple' Herve Leger dress and hair touch-ups by Nectar's stylists. Her book is a fictional tale about a girl from Charleston that shoots to social fame after moving to the big apple.

    Other guests includedLolly Amons, Lenox BakerAmanda BauerKate Bennett, Allison Priebe Brooks, Pamela Brown, Marybeth Coleman, Elizabeth Fassbender, Kaitlin FroelickKate Marie Grinold, Heather Guay, Cameron Guckert, Alexandra Hershey, Jenny Hubbard, Liberty Jones, Elizabeth Kane, Tayler Lyttle, Carissa Maguire, Ally Mann, Kara Manos, Barbara Martin, Cathryn Minshall, Diana Minshall, Sondra Ortagus, Heather Petersen, Marisa Petrozza, Hollis Pica, Maggie Pitts, Kate Rogers, Jayne Sandman, Andrea Szempruch, Amy Thomas, Anna VanMeter, Liana Vassilla and Tahera Zamanzada.

    [Ally Mann, Andrea Szempruch] [Elizabeth Kane, Tinsley Mortimer] [Kara Manos, Elizabeth Fassbender]

    [Amy Thomas, owner of Nectar Skin Bar with guest] [Kaitlin Froelick, Amanda Bauer]

    [Tayler Lyttle, Heather Petersen, Jenny Hubbard]

    [Liana Vassilla, Krista Johnson, Cameron Guckert] [Jayne Sandman, Tinsley Mortimer, Barbara Martin, Pamela Brown]

    [Tinsley Mortimer]

    [Society photographer Daniel Swartz sets up a shot with Hpnotiq Harmonie]

    [Lolly Amons, Ashley Taylor] [Sondra Ortagus, Alexandra Hershey]