Bravenoise Happy Hour At The Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel

by Sophie Pyle · November 14, 2012

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    Last night, Bravenoise filled the Renaissance Arlington Capital View in Crystal City with their soulful covers and original songs in a rare Tuesday night happy hour (they typically play there on Thursdays). Guests enjoyed steep discounts on drinks at Socci, the hotel's bar, surrounded modern and hip LEED-certified decor.

    Guests included: Liz Owens, Becca Thorsen, Ashey Arias, Mike Brody, Sarah Chilton, George Foulard, Lisa Gillenwater, Karla Gonzalez, Fitz Holladay, James Merrill, Robert Ransom, Lloyd Regas, David Tafuri, Farrell Wilkins, Alex Yampolsky, and GofG's Sophie Pyle.