Brooks Brothers Inauguration Bow Tie Primer

by Kyle O'Donnell · January 11, 2013

    [Kelly Nickel spruces up ABC 7's Kris Van Cleave] Go HERE for more photos by Vithaya Phongsavan!

    Inauguration season is upon us, which means it is time to dust off that tuxedo! Brooks Brothers, America's oldest male clothier, hosted a crash course in how to tie the perfect bow tie at its Connecticut Avenue location last night.

    Kelly Nickel, Brooks Brothers' director of Brand Training and Development, was on-site to lend a hand and assist guests with tips and techniques to achieve the essential presidential look. She also spoke about the rich history Brooks Brothers has shared with the residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, like how 39 out of the 44 Presidents have been clothed in Brooks Brothers for Inauguration, including Abraham Lincoln for his second inauguration.

    To achieve the perfect Brooks Brothers look, guests were given a black bow tie to practice on, and a VIP hotline just in case anyone needs any last minute adjustments. Also at the party were Georgetown Cupcakes (decorated for Inauguration) and craft cocktails mixed by A Bar's Brennan Adams.

    Head down to the Brooks Brothers on Connecticut to check out their entire Inaugural display, which includes FDR's cape and a replica of Lincoln's suit.

    [Kelly Nickel, Marcus Sberna]

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