CooCoo for Cocoa at Co Co Sala's Dog Day Happy Hour

by guestofaguest · August 11, 2011

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    We decided to round up some of DC's socials for a happy hour at Co Co. Sala, because, well, it's dead here in August but we still want to mingle.

    Everyone came alive at Co Co. Sala, a chic lounge by Metro Center at 919 F Street, known for their sweet cocktails and sweeter desserts. Co Co. Sala Event Coordinator Hollis Pica surprised us with dozens tiny bowls of their famous chocolate mousse, "Onyx 6," topped with crispy chocolate pearls and a square "Co Co Sala" chocolate stamp.

    There was a buzz in the room about Miss Delaware, Christa Taylor Aiken, making an appearance, and some of the men in the room jumped for a chance to meet the beauty queen from the north. The buzz began to die back down when they noticed she was, actually, a Mrs. Delaware now, wearing a wedding ring.

    Post edit- Christa set the record straight: "That ring is actually a gift from my mom and it fits best on that finger, but too funny people thought I was married! However, I have a boyfriend who is wonderful. Maybe one day I'll be a Mrs. Delaware!"

    Hosts of the evening: Hollis Pica, Cori Sue Morris, Ava Deylami, Chase Noyes, Robert Flock, Bill Brewer, and Richard Lee.

    The temperature was right for guests that wanted to sit outside in Co Co. Sala's front patio area; a refreshing change from the heat that has been choking Washington this summer.

    Toward the end of the happy hour, another party split off to the opening night of Riot Act Comedy Theatre a block away. We heard the hot hors d'oeuvres at that party were delicious and that the stand-up comedy was hilarious.