Dating In Groups #DCWeek After Party

by Sophie Pyle · November 8, 2012

    Last night, "DiG" hosted a #DCWeek after-party at L2 Lounge for members of the innovative dating site. Guests enjoyed drink specials like "The Ice Breaker," which featured a real flower in the drink (certainly a conversation starter) and $5 off taxi rides with Hitch!.

    Guests included: DiG founders Nick Liaromatis and Jeffrey Hubbard; DiG marketing team Allison Gittings and Kristen Johnson; Hitch! CEO David Miller; Social DC PR's Jamie Drucker and Michelle Goodliff; Kelsey Bolze, Whitney Burks, Sabrina Eddington,, Katelin Jackfert, Steven Katz, Andy Koepke, Jaime Lynne, Gina Marie, Matt Noyes, Grayson Owen, Jim Richards,  Annie Rohrhoff and John Yeglinski.

    [Photos courtesy DiG]

    [Kelsey Bolze, Gina Marie, Whitney Burks, Michelle Goodliff, Katelin Jackfert, Jamie Drucker and Jaime Lynne]