D.C. Tumblr Meetup: Hello My Real Name Is...

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · June 17, 2010

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    D.C. Tumblrs met up last night at the Wonderland Ballroom to finally put those small, not always flattering Tumblr pictures to real names. While the crowd definitely did not depict the number of Tumblr enthusiasts in D.C., the eclectic group sure had a blast.

    To show just how eclectic and entertaining this group was, Tumblr user NeckGear said, "There was a conversation with a woman that was not part of the group and she thought we were a group of psychics."

    Not quite sure what a group of psychics would be doing meeting up at Wonderland Ballroom without their tarot cards or crystal balls, but hey, to each his own. Wonderland Ballroom does have a slight fortune-telling ring to it.

    One attendee of the meetup, ja-ausdenberg, described the party as a "Consortium of Creepy Internet Friends"

    On that note, we'll be sure to try to make it to future D.C. Tumblr meetups to see what this rave review is all about.