Millionaires And Models Aboard Moksha For Dirty Vegas Casting Party

by Sophie Pyle · September 26, 2011

    Aspiring actresses showed up for a casting call aboard the Moksha and Firefly yachts, which were parked at the Georgetown waterfront this past Sunday afternoon. The ladies were found by the new iPhone app Emma, and the most eagertalented of the bunch will be in the new Dirty Vegas music video, set to film this upcoming weekend in D.C.

    [Councilmember Vincent Orange (not to be confused with our mayor, Vincent Gray) recently assisted in some legislation to make it easier for aspiring filmmakers to shoot footage in D.C. It looked like he had fun mingling with the ladies on board.]

    Pergrin Pervez [pictured, left in pink] of 8112 Studios said, "Many filmmakers film in Richmond to get the Virginia tax breaks and work with a backdrop that looks like D.C. This is not ideal, and we\'re excited to film the next Dirty Vegas video in the district."

    Dirty Vegas is best known for their techno single "Days Go By." The musicians were not in attendance at this party, but will be in town to film this upcoming weekend.




    [Doug Sonders and Nick Cambata will be producing and directing the video on behalf of 8112 Studios.]

    In addition to the filmmakers and aspiring actresses, there were some usual suspects at the party. Members of billionaire Michael Saylor\'s fat cat posse were there, like the Galligan brothers, City Tavern Club manager Steve Andronico, and polo aficionado (and the main man behind the Emma app) Ray Regan.

    Of course, there was also the signature house bubbly--$45-per-bottle Veuve Clicquot--which is never in short supply at any party Saylor or his friends throw.